Rimas Oilfield Services Co, a company registered under the number 14013 in Tripoli Chamber of Commerce,
Libya is in partnership with ALTEA RESOURCES group of companies, a U.S based company registered under the reference 4684491.

Rimas Oilfield Service Co acts as the exclusive agent of ALTEA RESOURCES in Libya and handles all its business in this area.

As ALTEA RESOURCES exclusive representative in Libya, Rimas Oilfield Services specializes itself in Oil&Gas consultancy & engineering services,
as well as global Oil&Gas supply.

Through ALTEA RESOURCES experience in handling consulting & engineering services all over the world,
Rimas Oilfield Services can ensure its local clients a high quality of service, with a high degree of technical content based on the use of the new technologies.

By acting as ALTEA RESOURCES exclusive representative in Libya,
Rimas Oilfield Services has access to all resources needed to deliver solutions up to the international standard expected in our industry.

As part of our added value in Libya, we propose our “in country payrolling solutions” which makes all our consultant legally compliant with local rules & regulations in Libya. Rimas Oilfield Services.

ALTEA RESOURCES group of companies is a global oilfield resources, project management,
and logistics Solutions Company committed to provide services that enhance and optimize our customer’s performance.

To deliver value to our customers, we capitalize on our global culture, deep understanding of customer workflows and processes, and extensive experience in developing and deploying competitive resources solutions.

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